Minecraft 1 . 8. 7-Sandbox game of creativity and survival

Minecraft is an indie game blending survival and sheer creativity. Graphically, it' s pretty simple, but its universe is vast.

Create your world

Minecraft is different from all other games beacuse it lets you exploit the elements around you and dig mines, but also gives you the opportunity to  build all sorts of structures and obtain various equipment.  

Unlike the free online  Minecraft , the desktop version isn' t  just about pure creativity but additionally includes a survival mode , characterized by a strong RPG component and the presence of Creepers, the dangerous monsters of the night that you’ve to defend yourself against.

In Minecraft, creating is a fundamental element of the game. A guide to the elements of Minecraft, which comes in the form of the Minecraft Crafting Guide is therefore a must-have  application  for both beginners, as well as those who may be a little rusty.  

You' ll soon realize that the search for precious metals is going to take up most of your time, so it' s important to know how to find obstructs of matter and diamonds.

Classic controls, minimalist menus

The Minecraft controls  are very similar to those of an FPS. Move your character with the keyboard and mouse. The left button digs things up, the right one  positions them, and the ‘E’ key opens the stock.

The game menu and the help functions are  reduced to the essentials, but the possibilities for creation are almost endless. For this reason, we recommend you consult the Minecraft wiki .

Pixelated graphics

The graphics within Minecraft are certainly  not the highlight of the game but , you' ve got to admit, the pixels do have their own unique charm. Alternating between night and day, exploration, and the need for survival furthermore give the game a unique atmosphere.

The vast  world to shape when you like

Minecraft is a sandbox game that deserves the name more than any other in the genre. It takes place in a world that genuinely gives gamers total independence, something that few can match. The mixture of crafting and survival blends creativity and concrete objectives perfectly.

Download Minecraft 1 . 8. 7 in Softonic

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