Minecraft 1 . 8. 3 Pre-release-Preview elaborate new in Minecraft

The Minecraft pre-release is available for anyone who owns the game on Windows or Mac. It allows you to test upcoming features, as well as help discover and eradicate bugs from future official releases.

The future of Minecraft

Minecraft is not the only game that is constantly below development, but developer Mojang has always been really open with letting users check out future features of the game. Anyone with Minecraft can easily install the pre-release.

The current pre-release, 1 . eight. x Bountiful Upgrade , is full of little adjustments and changes to the game, even though there’s no big headline feature as earlier updates have had. Minecraft 1 . 7 ‘The Upgrade that Changed the World’ made big changes in order to how the game’s worlds were produced, and of course 1 . six brought us horses .

Now easier to use

You really have nothing to lose in trying the Minecraft pre-release in case you already own the game. You can easily change between that and the official release but not be in danger of losing your saved games.

To install the Minecraft pre-release, simply down load the file. Then open your Minecraft launcher and click the ‘New Profile’ button, give it the name ‘snapshots’, and look for a box that states ‘Enable experimental development snapshots’.

Nothing to lose

Minecraft Pre-release is really like a nice extra feature of the official game. It’s totally free, and a great way to see how the game is developing.

The Bountiful Update

The latest Minecraft Pre-release, The Bountiful Update, adds tons of new blocks, skinny arms for figures, underwater dungeons, and lots more.

Download Minecraft 1 . 8. 3 Pre-release in Softonic

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