Messenger for Desktop 2-An unofficial Fb desktop client

While Facebook Messenger may be a breeze to access on your phone or even your browser through the official apps, using it as a desktop computer client has always been a bit tricky . Messenger for Desktop aims to solves this problem (although this app is unofficial and not associated with Facebook in any way).

Talk without opening Facebook

Messenger for Desktop is definitely an unofficial client that allows you to use Facebook’s messages service on your PC without having to be connected towards the social network (although you have to login with the client, of course).

It has exactly the same choices as the Facebook Messenger mobile apps: chat, stickers, plus voice and video calling. What makes it more interesting is that you may receive message notifications in the taskbar while the app is minimized.

If you regularly use the chat option on the Facebook website, you’ll have no trouble using Messenger intended for Desktop. Most of the options are in the exact same place with the same icons, whilst all the others are easy to identify.

Send messages in full display

One of the problems with using Facebook’s chat option on the web is that it shows up in a small window . You can just extend it by clicking on your conversations, but this is a bit clunky and can lead you to unintentionally close a tab on your browser.

Messenger for Desktop solves this problem, as possible chat in full display screen or resize the window to suit your needs. This option is particularly helpful if you’re chatting at work and want to get it done discreetly.

When you open up and login to Messenger to get Desktop, it imports all the options from your Facebook profile so you can begin chatting immediately. The only option you will need to configure is whether to turn message notifications upon or off .

In terms of design, Messenger for Desktop computer has a very similar interface to Facebook.

Good for users associated with Facebook chat on the web

If you regularly user the chat option in the Facebook website, then Messenger for Desktop will be right up your street. It’s easy to use , doesn’t hog computer memory, and allows you to chat more discreetly without opening Fb (like the separate official Messenger apps do).

Download Messenger for Desktop computer 2 in Softonic

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