Marvel Heroes 2016-Marvel at this free-to-play actions RPG

Marvel Heroes is a free-to-play dungeon crawler that has you running by means of levels set in iconic comic places as your favorite superheroes. Get ready to beat up thugs and super villains as you gather loot and gain levels.

Incredible action

The basics associated with Marvel Heroes are simple, send you hero dashing around the screen flattening just about all in your way using your powers – think Marvel Diablo . An overhead perspective gives you a great view from the action , as you utilize your character’s powers to blast, take, lightening, magic, or just smash your path past all in your path.

Leveling up allows you to spec your hero in a way that suits your play style . Get Captain America for example , his shield can either offer him protection lovers or he can fling it in enemies allowing it ricochet across the arena and flatten everyone in the area. Depending on how you build his capabilities, stats, and equipment his abilities and strengths can differ wildly, so meeting another Captain America playing around the world does not always mean that you are doubling up on tactical options.

Astonishing value

With more than 50 members of Marvel’s cast at your disposal , ranging from Avengers to X-Men, there are plenty of heroes available. When you sign up you can try any and all of these champions for free up to level ten but this only gives you entry to their base abilities. If you want to experience the full majesty of their fully powered up level 60 powers you have to unlock them. You get the first unlock for free, and after that you will have to pay.

What makes this free-to-play dungeon crawler even better is that it just maintains getting better. Every year since it 2013 release has seen huge improvements plus expansions. New characters, synergies among heroes, costumes, levels, missions, as well as other content – all of available for free . This 2016 release includes more realistic interpretations of famous characters coming to the game along with a new “Secret Invasion” chapter for the story.

Amazing value

As with all just loot based games, Marvel Heroes involves a good deal of milling if you want to get every item you wish – but with so much game for free , maybe you will want to buy some extra kit to speed up the process.

Download Marvel Heroes 2016 in Softonic

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