MacKeeper 3. 3. 2-OS X maintenance tool

MacKeeper is a feature-packed maintenance tool that aims to keep your Mac pc running in tip-top shape. There is split opinion in the Mac community about how effective MacKeeper really is and although OS X doesn’t require maintenance like Windows, overtime it does suffer from cluttered caches and incorrect permissions that MacKeeper claims to help with. MacKeeper offers this as well as security , anti-theft , and backup tools .

Slick, clean interface

MacKeeper has several features beyond simply maintenance. For example , there is a built-in anti-virus scanner which works well but takes a long time to scan the entire hard disk. Users can plan scans or activate a scan in the menu bar.

There are also several other file features in MacKeeper. There is a ‘Data Encryptor, ‘ which allows users in order to hide files on a hard drive with a password . There exists a file recovery system in MacKeeper, which scans your hard drive designed for recoverable files that you may have accidentally deleted plus a file Shredder that allows you to delete files permanently and securely.

One of the more useful tools in MacKeeper is its up-date tracker , which updates all your applications, whether or not you’ve downloaded all of them from the Mac App Store. It works fairly well and will even take you to definitely a program’s download page if it cannot download the program within the app.

MacKeeper also offers the backup tool which allows users to select specific files and folders in order to back up to different drives or a FTP server. Finally, MacKeeper offers an feature called ZeoDisk . This offers online storage for the backups, which can be synced to different computers and platforms. It will also allow you to share files with your friends.

Slick, user friendly interface

MacKeeper’s interface is very slick and it is easy to navigate the various features. On opening the application, users are greeted with a ‘System Status’ screen exactly where it tells you when you last scanned your computer and if any problems are usually detected. Inside the main interface, the appearance of MacKeeper is similar to Finder. Over the lefthand side, you can access all the 16 different components and features that MacKeeper offers. It gives you a nice overview of what’s available and exactly what needs fixing on your Mac.

Judge for yourself

MacKeeper is still controversial in the Mac community but in terms of features, MacKeeper packs a lot in.

Download MacKeeper 3. 3. 2 in Softonic

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