MacJournal 6. 1 . 5-Intuitive notepad and diary

If you ever wanted to be like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, composing columns and blog posts (well, the girl was writing just newspaper columns, but you never know) in a warm cafe, without caring about anyone and anything apart from your own composed world, this might just be the program you’re looking for.

Although MacJournal is a very simple program and it is basically a text editor, they have a couple of features that makes it interesting. The first one is a calendar.

You can browse this calendar and write content which will be saved at the specific date you write them. It’s especially useful for writers I think, as you may want to prepare a piece for a specific time and after you have written it it is possible to concentrate on something else without worrying about keeping in mind when you have to publish an article.

The second exciting tool is a full screen mode which will turn your own screen completely black with just your text showing on it. Composing in this mode means that you’re free from all of the distractions your Mac can usually throw at you, helping you maximize your concentration and efficiency.

It makes you feel good and also important, I am not sure why but this is true. I guess it’s because you are able to feel you have the space and the power to write all you want without having any disturbance, not even design foibles, with your creating.

Then when you go back to the conventional mode, it will be easy to format your text, add pictures if you need to, or double-check possible mistakes underlined of course with those unforgiving red lines.

When you have finished you can locking mechanism your journal as if it were your secret diary.
If you are one of those writers who feels that even the interface of your editor is an element of disturbance with your artistic vein, accomplish this effective editor which will leave you with nothing but your words.

Download MacJournal 6. 1 . 5 in Softonic

2 thoughts on “MacJournal 6. 1 . 5-Intuitive notepad and diary

  1. Another Jessica

    I wanted to be like Jessica in Sex and the City, but I was always interested in the rabbit episode! Imagine – because of what she did in that show, August 2, 1998, more women learned about a sex toy named the “Rabbit” than at any other time in history! Now that is what impresses me!!

    1. admin Post author

      Hahaahha, that wasn’t what this article was about — at all!! But your post made me laugh, so I approved it! And if you think that changed things, remember the phrase “I’ll have what shes having” in Harry Met Sally?? :)


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