Mac Blu-ray Player 2 . 16. 16-Play Blu-ray disks on your Mac

Mac’s refuse to recognize Blu-ray devices because Apple company chose not to support them within OS X. That’s no longer the situation thanks to Mac Bluray Player .

Mac pc Blu-ray player enables OS By to recognize Blu-ray devices instantly, which means you can connect a Blu-ray to your Mac and watch Blu-ray discs. Not only that, but Mac Blu-ray Player facilitates almost every format out there so you can use it as your default player if you choose. Even better, for the first three months it’s actual completely free to use, although a watermark is placed on the screen and some functions will be disabled.

To play protected Blu-ray movies with Mac Blu-ray Player however , you need an online connection because Mac Blu-ray Gamer has to acquire a license to play the movie on your system. Mac Blu-ray Gamer is fairly basic. There are very few options other than to add subtitles and change the particular audio track. When you start it up initially, it will also prompt you to select which files you want to associate with it therefore it won’t take over your media documents unless you allow it to.

Bluray Player also features a certain amount of social media support. You can post reviews or comment on the film you’re watching to Facebook or Twitter, which is a pretty neat feature.

Mac pc Blu-ray Player feels a bit fundamental in design and you might encounter some crashes and instability, however this is the first release and the programmers warn that some bugs plus problems are to be expected.

If you’ve been frustrated by deficiency of Blu-ray player support for your Mac pc, then Mac Blu-ray Player could be your answer.

Download Mac Blu-ray Gamer 2 . 16. 16 in Softonic

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