LibreOffice Stable 4. 4. 0-A excellent open source alternative to Microsoft Office

LibreOffice is an all-in-one professional office productivity plus management package for the PC.

In the exact same vein as other open source productivity suites like OpenOffice. org, LibreOffice boasts a comprehensive set of office management tools arguably on par with Microsoft Office itself. LibreOffice offers 6 different office management tools to fulfill your project management needs: Text Record, Spreadsheet, Presentation, Drawing, Database, plus Formula.

Text Record is relatively synonymous with Microsoft Phrase, where Spreadsheet is like Excel. Presentation mirrors Microsoft’s PowerPoint, and Database is similar to Access. Then you also have 2 additional programs in Drawing plus Formula, which are an added bonus towards the entire package. LibreOffice is compatible with Microsoft Office’s document formats as well as supports PDFs natively. It also has its own document format called Open Document.

Unfortunately, if you’re unfamiliar with Microsoft Office products, this system might take a little additional time to get utilized to, particularly if you want to master some of its more advanced features. Regular Microsoft Office users will find LibreOffice’s interface very similar, however , and should pick up on using its various programs without too much difficulty.

A great alternative to Microsoft Office, LibreOffice is a must-try for managing your various office projects.

Download LibreOffice Stable 4. four. 0 in Softonic

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