LEGO MARVEL’s Avengers-LEGO Iron Man plus Captain America have a friendly pre-Civil War adventure

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers may be the second LEGO game starring the Marvel, and it follows on through the hilarious LEGO Marvel Super Characters. Choose from 200 superheroes and villains plus explore stories from the first 2 phases of the Marvel Comic World (MCU).

(re) Uncover the whole Marvel Universe

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is yet another LEGO game that will takes its inspiration from the popular super-hero movies. This little collection of stories follows events from phase 1 and two of the MCU: two The Avengers films, Metal Man 3 , Thor: The Dark World , and both Chief Americas . If you want Civil War you will have to keep your figures crossed regarding DLC.

This stops working into 15 fun filled levels : 12 offering the Avengers, and three levels dedicated to the iconic Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

Being a LEGO game you may expect lots of humor that respects the plot of the movies, but ensures they appeal to everyone .

The main story of the 15 levels campaign will last about six or even seven hours of play , but it does not end there: the game has seven worlds from the MCU to explore – including the massive NEW YORK CITY. Here you can experiment with any of the 200 characters you have been unlocked.

These types of open hub globe areas also offer you the opportunity to gather collectibles and recruit heroes to achieve that 100% completion . And, as with every single Lego game, this is the real problem.

The game also includes a superhero creator. This offers plenty of options to choose from, all of which allow you create a custom character to your liking for use in the free of charge roam area.

The particular pleasure of fighting

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers does nothing to really innovate for the other Traveler’s Tales LEGO games. The title has a good mix of platforming, puzzles, and combat . There is a little more focus on the fighting than in many other games in the series, which is fine since the combat mechanics have undergone just a little refinement.

The challenge solving elements make good technique character’s skills, forcing you to use their powers together to progress through levels. In this sense, the game comes into its own when played with a friend.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers has great graphics, the entire comic book visual is well suited to the blocky universe, with voice acting and music that fits well. Nevertheless, it is not without issue, such as the camera being erratic and making some simple actions harder than they should be.

Little innovation, but still plenty of fun

LEGO Marvel Avengers is not innovative LEGO title, but it does have a lot of qualities to allow it to be worth recommending – its plots, the endless personality collection, and the huge free roam areas. Unfortunately, anecdotally, many do seem to be experiencing technical problems – but we ran into none of these.

Download LEGO MARVEL’s Avengers within Softonic

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