Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device 2017 17. 0. 0. 611-An all-round malware for discerning users

Kaspersky Total Safety is the antivirus giant’s latest offering; an amazingly complete anti-virus solution that aims to protect nearly every aspect of the user’s online and offline life.

The Kaspersky Total Security interface isn’t extremely slick, but it is easy-to-use and incredibly accessible. It’s divided into 7 areas. My Computer Protection (the antivirus), My Backup and Our Parental Control from the main three, with My System Tune-Up, My Encryption, My Virtual Keyboard and My Security password Manager bringing up the trunk.

There is an awful great deal to Kaspersky Total Security, but all of it is well-explained and easy to figure out. Almost all of the features have a wizard, and there are two levels of control available, one for people who would prefer minimum interaction and another for those who desire more control.

The Kaspersky Total Security settings menu is ample and has some great features that make using the program a pleasure. The best of them include a gaming mode, folder encryption and some of the most comprehensive parental manage elements I have ever seen.

Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for this excellence. Kaspersky Total Security is extremely resource-hungry, and will all but paralyze a less powerful computer. The particular installation process is long and drawn-out, and the scans take a long time. Ultimately, prospective users will need to have a long look at Kaspersky Total Protection before deciding if their computer – and patience – has what must be done to make the most of an excellent security program.

Kaspersky Complete Security is an impressive program, yet recommended only for users with higher spec machines.

Download Kaspersky Total Security Multi-Device 2017 17. 0. 0. 611 in Softonic

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