Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017 17. 0. 0. 611-The ultimate protection against infections

Kaspersky Anti-Virus is the new edition from the well-known antivirus program, now having a more powerful engine, a revamped style, better usability, and greater safety against online dangers.  

Turn your personal computer into a fortress

Kaspersky Anti-Virus   intercepts, blocks and removes viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, keyloggers, rootkits and other types of malware.

The real-time protection is excellent with files, emails and Internet traffic getting strained effectively. The program also protects against phishing by identifying and preventing links to sites that have been infected with malware.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus also includes a self-defense system that blocks files that are acting weird, useful for preventing attacks through potential malware that hasn’t yet been recognized by the database. On top of that, this new version of Kaspersky provides additional protection against ransomware .

In the Equipment section of Kaspersky Anti-Virus, you can find some very useful system protection options:

  • Vulnerability check: identifies flaws within the system or in any third-party apps you have installed, allowing you to immediately restoration any problems;  
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk : creates a bootable COMPACT DISC or USB drive with the motor;
  • Windows Troubleshooting : analyzes the system and repairs any problems caused by malicious software;
  • Privacy Cleaner : cleans the machine of unnecessary files (cookies, cache, log etc . );
  • Internet browser Configuration : analyzes your Internet Explorer settings and suggests ways to enhance security (this tool is incompatible with other browsers);
  • Cloud Protection : offers immediate protection against new risks as well as real-time information about the security and reputations of the web sites you visit.

Finally, KAV has introduced a new feature that automatically updates the program to the latest version obtainable.  

A new design

Kaspersky has a renewed style: this new version is focused on efficiency with the sharper and more user-friendly interface .

The main screen shows the protection status of the computer and provides easy access to the most important areas: scans, updates, reports and also a virtual keyboard. Additional options can be accessed by clicking on the Show Additional Tools button.

The basic configuration of Kaspersky Anti virus is excellent for most users. More experienced customers can personalize their configuration by going to the Settings menu (not visible in the interface).  

A powerful and reliable anti-virus, but with no significant changes

Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV) is one of the most popular antiviruses on the market. The antivirus scanning engine is among the best available and its brand new design makes it even more user-friendly.

As far as new features move, there aren’t really any huge innovations in the last version, but the tools and options have been generally improved, along with the antivirus performance.

KAV consumes much less resources compared to the previous edition, but it still has a long way to go in that respect. Although it is a great anti virus, it works better when used on computer systems with good hardware.  

Download Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2017 17. 0. 0. 611 in Softonic

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