iZip 2 . 4-Unzip and compress ZIP, RAR and ZIPX files

iZip is a practical application for anyone that wants to unzip and compress ZIP , RAR and ZIPX documents.

The latter format, ZIPX, is one of the more obscure ones found on OS X, and iZip handles it with ease. In addition , the program treats archives as disks rather than compacted files. This means you can browse archives as if they were a disk using Finder with distinctive viewing options such as using iTunes style cover-flow browsing. This is great if you only need to extract specific files from a good archive instead of extracting the whole thing.

Another handy feature is the possibility to share archives via files. com. You can upload them through iZip and receive a link which usually others can use to access it. Obviously, this is not advisable if you are dealing with a good archive which contains particularly delicate data though. There are few problems with iZip – its a pity there aren’t more configuration plus customization options but overall, its an excellent archiver.

If you’re looking for a free archiving tool with something a bit different, iZip is excellent.

Down load iZip 2 . 4 in Softonic

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