IrfanView 4. 42-Try a fast and versatile image viewer and editor

In these days where most things have been commercialised to the hilt, it’s always refreshing to come across a free computer software that performs as well as its costly rivals. Irfanview has long been a glowing example of such a program, and I’ve been using the app for some time just for perusing and managing my ever-growing photo collection.

Amazingly, since Bosnian developer Irfan Skiljan released the image viewer back in 1996, he’s generously kept it at no cost in spite of its massive popularity. Perhaps even more incredibly, the app still stands at just over 1Mb, bucking the trend of programs that enlarge immensely as the feature updates pass by. In fact , it’s Irfanview’s slimline qualities that are its greatest asset, rendering it the fastest image audience in the West. Images load almost instantaneously once you click on them and you get rapid-fire results when cycling through a listing of photos using the Back and Forward buttons. It’s only when you’re flicking through vast amounts of images utilizing the thumbnail viewer that things get a bit slow, which could easily be remedied do with an improved puffern function.

Another of Irfanview’s crowd-pleasing talents is the ability to handle an enormous range of various file formats, including g, relatively rarely, icon (. ico) documents. Unlike many of its rival tools, Irfanview doesn’t try to impose by itself as the default viewer for all picture types, giving you the option to identify the formats you wish to associate with it for yourself.

The program’s functionality can be expanded by setting up plug-ins that allow Irfanview to spread out other file types, such as films and audio – again a distinctive feature among photo viewers. Additionally you get a smattering of basic editing features such as crop, rotate, change and resize, along with some bread-and-butter effects like blur and sharpen, plus a smart crop function.

Upon first try, a lot of users might be put off by the relatively basic interface and the fact that it loads new images externally, rather than within the GUI itself. Nevertheless this is a small sacrifice to pay for a program that will proves to be probably the quickest way to view images on your PC.

Download IrfanView 4. 42 within Softonic

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