iPhoto 9. 6. 1-Apple’s software pertaining to viewing and managing your pictures

iPhoto is Apple’s flagship application for handling and viewing photos on your Mac pc. As a competitor to Picasa it packs a powerful punch as a slick OS X image management application that’s fully integrated into iCloud, Maps and more.

Slick well-organized interface

The particular interface is very slick and iPhoto features tons of tools to help you handle your library. In fact , the real strength of the program resides in the arranging options such as organizing by activities, create a gallery, print out calendars plus books etc . In particular, the single search function allows you to quickly find any photo based on all sorts of criteria like date, name or keywords and now, even faces.

One of my favorite features of iPhoto are the photo montages which allow you to select a style of presentation with accompanying music. These look great and they are a nice way to view your pictures and reminisce on the past. Nevertheless , I dislike the way iPhoto has to build a library file of your pictures. If you’ve already got several GIGABYTE of photos on your system, a person want another huge iPhoto document taking up space on your hard drive.

Well integrated with other Apple apps

Of course , iPhoto is also very well integrated into other Apple apps such as iDVD so your iPhoto pictures can easily be used in videos that you’re modifying. Displaying photos in full screen setting isn’t as simple as it should be however – it involved way too many keys to press and its hard to get rid of the toolbar.

An elegant photo manager

Overall, iPhoto is an extremely elegant photo application making viewing photos a pleasure.

Download iPhoto 9. 6. 1 in Softonic

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