IObit Malware Fighter 3. 0. 2 . 25-IObit Malware Fighter

IObit Malware Jet fighter is an antispyware with a modern look that promises to defend your PC against all types of viruses .

An anti-malware with antivirus features

Malware Fighter shields your PC against annoying and sometimes dangerous programs such as spyware, browser toolbars or remote device utilities (RAT tools). IObit advises to run it alongside an antivirus for more protection.

Even though IObit states Spyware and adware Fighter is not an antivirus, you will find all the typical features of the group, such as an on demand file scanner that will scans your hard drive for viruses, and a browser shield, which helps prevent changes to your homepage and browser settings.

Malware Fighter’s real-time protection covers nearly all regions of the system, from downloads to UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS drives (many viruses enter the PERSONAL COMPUTER from these). Updates are daily and fully automatic , and you can also send dubious files to IObit for evaluation.

Attractive, but a bit of a scaremonger

The appearance of Malware Fighter is attractive, very much in line with other antivirus programs for Windows 8. It comes with a dark background window, and utilizes a color scheme to convey the emergency of each task. When Malware Jet fighter detects something, it displays a warning at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Warnings will not spawn if you’re playing a videogame or watching a movie: the enhanced Silent mode reduces Malware Fighter’s useful resource consumption and automatically blocks any threats. It also stops all scheduled updates and scans. In the configurations you can define exceptions to this setting.

The language used by Spyware and adware Fighter is sometimes excessively scary . It classifies several problems as urgent when actually they are not, and it does not hesitate to recommend additional applications with the promise to solve “problems”, whose nature it does not explain.

A weak companion for your antivirus

The effectiveness of Malware Jet fighter is mediocre . In our tests we were able to download, unzip plus run some of the most dangerous malware of the year, such as CryptoLocker, without Spyware and adware Fighter sounding a single alarm. Even if we requested a manual scan nothing happened.

Additional malwares, such as Zeus or njRAT, were only detected at performance time, right after we double-clicked the EXE files. And when we installed a browser hijacker, Malware Jet fighter failed to block the changes. In summary: Malware Fighter is often unable to quit the latest malware in time.

In light of these results, we have a tendency recommend to use IMF as the singular security product in your PC. In case you already have an antivirus and want to add an extra shield to your arsenal, installing Malware Fighter won’t hurt, yet do not rely solely on its scanner to keep your PC safe.

Download IObit Malware Fighter 3. 0. 2 . 25 in Softonic

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