Instagram Downloader 2 . 0. 0. 1-Download Instagram photos onto your PC

Instagram Downloader is a Windows utility that will help you download pictures hosted on any Instagram account .

Collect all of the photos in an  Instagram accounts

Instagram Downloader includes a internet search engine that allows the user to enter the names of  Instagram users from who you wish to download photos. If the privacy choices of the  accounts in question enable it, then  Instagram Downloader provides links to all of the pictures that are hosted generally there. The utility also provides hyperlinks for the " Photos of the Day" and the most popular pictures on  Instagram.

Not quite as practical as you may think…

Despite a minimalist interface and results that appear quickly, Instagram Downloader ultimately  proves to be  very impractical   for  downloading pictures: it doesn' t actually permit you to download then, but instead  to recuperate their links, at which point after this you have to carry out lots of manual  copy/pastes  to recover the pictures. In addition ,   it doesn' t let you  preview  the photos  and lots of link errors to certain accounts (despite being public accounts) have been  reported. During our test, it was impossible to copy links  associated with certain accounts.

For use with a download supervisor

We would have liked Instagram Downloader to have integrated  its own down load manager, rather than  providing us with a list of links, which just results in a shambles . Those of you who are patient, however , might still like to use it along with software like jDownloader so you can actually download photos for which you have the hyperlinks as a result of using Instagram Downloader.

Download Instagram Downloader 2 . 0. 0. 1 in Softonic

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