Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition-Batman and Superman battle for justice

Creating a separate fiction to the main DC universe, Injustice: Gods Among Us delivers a unique story along with a brand new take on the comic book characters and villains . Taking the Mortal Kombat engine, Neversoft has managed to produce a one-on-one fighter with a narrative excuse to allow all the iconic cast in order to stand toe-to-toe with Superman.


Injustice: Gods Among Us shows a different DC history. In an alternate timeline, Joker has tricked Superman in to causing the death of Lois griffin Lane, his unborn child, plus millions of innocent people. Wracked with guilt and anger, the caped hero heads to the police place where Batman is questioning the particular criminal clown… plus kills him .

This event splits the timeline. In one dimension events continue as we know them, while in the other Superman begins to rule the DC world as emperor . Controlling the folks with an iron fist, the effective icon gathers many of the other heroes to him – along with a few supervillains – in the name of peace. With this powerful army he creates a fearful society, dispatching any criminal immediately in a decidedly un-super fashion.

In this dimension Batman starts an Insurgency force to endure against Superman. With the help of some extremely pills, his group is able to grow their muscle strength and bone density to give them a fighting opportunity against Superman’s army – but nevertheless they are losing.

As always though, Batman includes a plan . Discovering the other timeline, Insurgency Batman pulls in characters from the alternate dimension in which Superman remained heroic. With them on his part, he hopes to find a way to beat his old friend and restore liberty.

This tale plays out through a series of one-on-one fights. Built around the Mortal Kombat motor, it all looks fantastic with characters and villains able to smash their particular opponents from one ionic environment to the next. The narrative excuse of the super pill puts the diverse cast on the same level, allowing characters like the Joker to remain against the god Ares .

Accessible for all

While most of Injustice will be familiar to fans associated with MK, it does mix things up a little. Strikes are divided into 3 strengths with a dedicated special button, rather than into four balanced attacks. This makes it a little more accessible with no surrendering complexity.

It might be fun to see how Neversoft possess chosen to differentiate the different heroes and villains with their goes . Harlequin, for example , uses her speed and a selection of concealed weapons to even the field. This while more super-characters utilize all manner of manifestations (I’m looking at you Green Lantern) and powers to fight.

This extends to their amazing Super Moves that play to each character’s strengths. These include Flash, who literally runs around the world before delivering the finishing blow to their dizzied opponent, and Aquaman who seem to floods the screen and feeds his opponent to some shark .

Sadly, even with all of the magical pills in order to power-up characters, there are still some balance issues . Several characters demand total mastery to be competitive, while others are too easily mistreated. For example , Green Arrow is too well suited to just spamming a handful of rapid fire and long range moves.

This can make the occasionally scrappy online even more frustrating as you attempt to learn and keep getting met by beginners spamming basic attacks .

Dynamic Combat

Injustice: Gods Among Us is really a fun and exciting fighter that allow followers of all DC characters to take control of their favorite hero or villain in the (fairly) well matched fight. Above all, it looks great and revels in the personalities set up by the comics , to give everything a more dynamic and engrossing feel.

Down load Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition in Softonic

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