IMVU 526. 2-Unique 3D IM customer with avatars

IMVU is an original instant messaging tool that will lets you chat with people from all over the globe in a 3D environment, instead of the basic, text-only chat room we’re all used to.

In IMVU, your personality is not represented by just a simple nickname: it’s a fully three-dimensional, Sims-style THREE DIMENSIONAL character you can customize in many ways: skin color, hair style, clothes, pets, actions plus animations, etc .

Since unique as it sounds, IMVU works just like any other IM client. You begin by registering a user account for the program’s website, picking your avatar and customizing his or her appearance. After that simply join the network to check out some interesting people to chat with, either on your personal space or in one of the public chat rooms.

Interactive chats

Besides just chatting, IMVU furthermore lets you perform certain actions along with your avatar. Just right-click on the personality and you’ll open a context menu with all the options, classified into various categories: movements, moods, expressions and more. IMVU also features a credits system that enables you to acquire new clothes for your avatar and customize the appearance of your hair, eyes and more.

IMVU is undeniably really original in certain aspects. But this particular originality sometimes makes it a bit confusing. For example , chats are hard to stick to on IMVU’s speech bubbles, so you’ll eventually end up following the discussion in the text box – similar to other IM client. Also, getting around the 3D space is tough and sometimes frustrating, as it can get really slow depending on your internet connection.

IMVU is definitely an original IM client that allows you to meet people, chat and socialize in a highly detailed 3D environment.

Download IMVU 526. 2 in Softonic

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