Imo-The Imo desktop client

Imo is a popular online instant messaging tool that enables you to to remain to the main IM networks plus chat with your buddies right from your web browser.

When even in the Web 2 . 0 period you still prefer good old desktop apps, you may use the desktop Imo too. This special version is just a good adaptation from the original online Imo to a standard Windows application.

To be honest, Imo is quite limited compared to other well-known IM clients. It’s got quite a simple interface, no support for emoticons and no customizing options for fonts, shades and other settings that we find within similar applications.

But I have to admit that it does its job just fine: you can connect to the most popular IM networks (MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk amd AIM) from single interface and talk to all of your friends, whether they belong to one or an additional network.

If you need to talk to individuals on more than one IM network, Imo does the trick, but bear in mind that it provides no extended functionality such as emoticons, colors and other goodies.

Download Imo in Softonic

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