iMazing 1 . 2 . 0-Turn your apple iphone or iPod Touch into an external storage space device

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve run out of data storage space, lost your pen drive, or simply need a fast backup solution?

If you an iPhone or iPod Touch, DiskAid enables you to take advantage of their ample storage space simply by enabling you to use them as external UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS drives. Although the name sounds like some type of disk maintenance utility, it’s specifically for iPhone and iPod touch document transfers. Used in conjunction with an application called FileAid (available from the Apple company Apps Store), DiskAid allows you to pay attention to or play audio files directly from your device.

Using it is simple – just attach your device and DiskAid automatically detects the particular files. You can select the files that you would like to work with and click preset buttons across the top such as ‘Copy to Mac’, ‘Copy to Device’, or ‘Delete from Device’. You can prevent transfers at any time simply by clicking the particular Stop symbol. Otherwise, you can also pull and drop files into the DiskAid interface. You can create new folders within your devices and there’s no jailbreaking needed to use it.

The only real slightly annoying thing with DiskAid is that some of the file names are shortened or hyphenated when transferring to your device meaning that it can be difficult to identify which files correspond to what. All in all however , this is a minor disadvantage.

DiskAid is a solid and simple application for anybody that wants to use their apple iphone or iPod Touch as an external storage space device.

Down load iMazing 1 . 2 . 0 within Softonic

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