iCash 7. 5. 8-Take control of your own personal finances

You will find a big interest in finance management apps at the moment given the financial crisis that has enveloped the globe. iCash is a user friendly personal finance application which allows you to take control of your finances in a slick, tailor-made user interface.

iCash allows you to keep track of income, expenses, credit cards, debts plus banks transactions. The aim is to make accounting easy for those with a non-financial brain and for the most part, it achieves this. iCash is suitable for a range of needs, from individuals in order to small businesses although those needing if for a large enterprise, may find it rather limited.

You will find no dreaded double-entry bookkeeping jobs involved – iCash performs all the necessary calculations for you. You can setup as many balance sheets as you like, so it’s ideal for those that want to individual personal from business expenses. The iCash interface is very well designed plus presented although, like with many finance apps, it can feel overwhelming initially. There also doesn’t seem any way to automatically update the foreign exchange which means you have to insert the values manually.

However , it can allow you to upload documents to iCash which is very useful for keeping track of your transactions. You can even import transactions from your bank statements, edit them in a taxes editor and view reports simply by payee and by category. You can even divided long documents so that you file statements for different transactions separately which is something you won’t even find in some of the big hitting financial packages.

Overall, iCash is a very accomplished personal finance application which will prove more than enough for most general users.

Download iCash 7. 5. 8 in Softonic

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