Homeworld Remastered Collection-Returning home

Homeworld Remastered Selection is a space-fairing, real-time strategy game that will takes you on an epic journey through the galaxy to save your species, not really once but twice, as you fight through both of the original series titles.

Still slick

Whenever Homeworld was originally released this caught every RTS gamer’s vision. In part this was due to the ability to focus in on any ship when you led your fleet through the cosmos, an involving effect that added a dynamism towards the strategic action . But whilst its visuals may have provided an initial draw, it was the combat that actually kept players involved thanks to just how perfectly it introduced and implemented 3D combat, a system which : it transpires – still holds up perfectly.

Directing your fleet around each vast area feels as advanced as ever – no small feat given the particular complexity of the task. Moving between the close up view and the zoomed out there tactical camera, it is easy to select the ships you want to move (either individually or even in squadrons) before selecting their destination. To make this even easier, clicking on target objects will locking mechanism your craft to them, and send out them to mine , salvage , or even attack .

This really comes into its own the first time you participate in combat . With limited ships, you only have a handful of fighters to cope with the intruders during this early experience. Selecting a formation (in my situation a defensive wall), and a conduct (defensive) my small attack squad lay in wait. As the foe ships closed in my fighters started to swarm all around them, but never ever roaming far from their defensive position. It’s easy to set up but undeniably impressive to watch, especially when tracking the motions of a single fighter.

As good as I remember (so, really, better)

The odd thing about the Homeworld Remastered Collection is that at first I truly struggled to see the visual upgrade. It had been only by looking back over the unique releases (both of which are within the package) that I could see how much had been done to bring the low resolution textures up to date. My confusion wasn’t helped by the fact that, while this launch looks good, it does not feel as spectacular as the original Homeworld did in 1999. The visuals are usually crisp and detailed, with high res textures, improved models, and additional results – they simply lack the wonder I felt in those days, even if they are objectively better.

While not awe inspiring, the presentation evokes the game’s mood . This is particularly correct of the mother-ship – a massive framework with gentle curves and a nearly unfinished look that mirrors your own ragtag fleet as it fights designed for survival on its journey to discover a new home planet.

Calm ambient music adds to this tone. It is contemplative, almost sorrowful, matching the game’s slow pace of movement.

Despite this calm pace, progressing through every game does see the action slowly hotting up. By the end of each from the two games in this bundle, you need to be rapidly deciding what resources to mine, technology to develop, and boats to build, while keenly micromanaging your units to target specific enemies and (in Homeworld 2) vulnerable ship techniques.

Worth revisiting the future

It is hard to think of any enthusiast of single player RTS games that wouldn’t want to pick up the Homeworld Remastered Collection. Even gamers who enjoyed the series the first time around will find this assortment of visual upgrades and mechanical changes offers more than enough to justify the revisit . The appeal isn’t limited to genre fans either, since players who enjoy being steeped in a beautiful sci-fi universe will also find plenty to sink their teeth into.

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