Hacknet-Hacknet teaches you programming… and how to be a hacker

Hacknet invites you to become a hacker . It is a simulator and an educational tool, but at the same time it is entertaining. When you finish, I promise you will know more about programming compared to you suspected – unless you are actually a programmer.

Among the best hacking games

Hacknet is considered one of the best hacking games . This is a simulator game in which you follow the instructions of a hacker who has just died. You must use real techniques – with little help – to unravel the mystery.

Anyone with an interest in the world of computers – or who just really wants to feel like a movie hacker – should try Hacknet. The beauty of the game is that not just does it give you the feeling of being a hero with a purpose, it also teaches you programming and network architecture . In other words, after completing Hacknet you will have knowledge that can help you in real life.

The mechanics are very simple and, in a way, very little like a game. Total missions to get various programs that allow you to create security breaches in more complex systems. For instance , some of these allow you to initiate commands on other computers.

A tale with byte

Although the game does not consider you by the hand, it does not overwhelm you . The mysterious story, with its little humor, keep you focused while you investigate the death of hacker who is guiding you.

Of course the graphics are unimpressive, but it doesn’t stop Hacknet developing tension . It can get very stressful when you think your actions are about to be detected. You needed never suspect that this type action might be so rewarding.

If you are a expert in programming there is a chance Hacknet’s mechanics could bore out of the gate. But the story is wonderful, so maybe try playing for a few hours before you give up on it – maybe you will enjoy the busman’s holiday it provides.

Become absorbed

Hacknet is usually one of the best adventures that you will play this year. Drop yourself in its plot, its mystery, and its style of play. When you have finished, you’ll want more – yet try not to get yourself into too much real life trouble.

Download Hacknet in Softonic

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