GstarCAD 2015 32-bit-Solid CAD software

GstarCAD is a highly-functional alternative to AutoCAD that makes an admirable attempt to undertake a well-established and prohibitively costly competitor.

GstarCAD functions in much the same way as various other computer assisted drawing software – as well as providing many of the same tools and features, it also supports a substantial variety of file formats. As well as the standard . DWG and. DXF , GstarCAD allows you to use over 10 other formats in your function.

This application has based itself almost entirely on IntelliCAD. Even though it’s not a very initial approach, it does mean that anyone who has worked or trained on the original should have no problem using GstarCAD. Pair that will with the program’s great help and online tutorials , and it really does become a viable substitute.

GstarCAD is a very solid alternative to other, more well-known computer assisted drawing programs.

Download GstarCAD 2015 32-bit in Softonic

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