Search engines Hangouts (for Chrome) 2015. 1204. 418. 1-Google’s platform for quick messaging and videoconferencing

Hangouts is the instant messaging and videoconferencing service from Google. It can be accessed through Google+, Googlemail and mobile apps for  iOS and Android, as well as from  the Chrome extension that lets you chat with your own contacts directly from the Windows desktop computer.

Instant messaging and video calls

Hangouts is an instant messaging platform with all the standard features of worthwhile messaging service.   Once you aren’t logged into your Google account, you are able to send messages, images, and emojis to your contacts in one-on-one or group conversations.

The videoconferencing feature allows you to make video calls with as much as 10 people simultaneously, no matter which device they’re connected on. It integrates apps like Youtube . com and Google Drive, as well as sounds and visual effects, to allow you to have a little fun during calls.

Only the essentials

Once set up, you can access Hangouts from Google Chrome in the right hand corner of the screen above the Windows task-bar. When not in use, the window could be minimized to the notice area .

The Hangouts interface is unobtrusive and  minimalist   in order to focus on what’s most important: chatting. The main window simply shows a list of your contacts and a search engine so that you can quickly look them upward. When making video calls, a larger window opens up, giving you access to all the applications and features associated with the video.

Everything you need

Hangouts is the perfect expansion if you have a lot of contacts using the service. It’s got  everything you need   to easily communicate with close friends, with the added bonus of several pretty cool video calling features. The only drawbacks are that you aint able to make basic audio calls, plus Chrome always has to be open to use Hangouts.

Download Google Hangouts (for Chrome) 2015. 1204. 418. 1 in Softonic

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