GoldenEye: Source (Half-Life 2 Mod) 5. 0-GoldenEye Re-Released by Fans

The GoldenEye game was the just reason why people even bothered using the N64 back in the day time. One would feel sorry for the kids that will asked for an N64 and then found out it wasn’t that great, however along comes GoldenEye and it becomes one of the most purchased games of the calendar year because frankly, there were no other good N64 games.

Play with your friends

Did GoldenEye live up to the buzz? Yes, it did. Somehow, they managed to create a first-person shooter that was years ahead of its time, and that featured iconic characters and places. Now you can play the multiplayer version for free with upgraded graphics and action.

The multi-player video game was also great fun, even if it was annoying when the other person used to location mines where you would spawn, plus would run to get the golden gun before you had the chance. You are now able to play the multiplayer again with the reboot that was created by followers. It is called Goldeneye: Source five. 0 or just Goldeneye 5. 0, and it is an upgraded edition of the N64 game that has been adapted to play on PCs . The particular Goldeneye: Source software is actually built upon the Half-Life software, and the Goldeneye levels, game play and weapons have been built on top of it. You are not actually actively playing the original Goldeneye software, but the developers have done their best in order to recreate the N64 game as much as they can.

Improved images and smooth game play

One of the big family pet peeves about the Goldeneye: Source five. 0 game is the fact that it is a little trickier to control than the N64 game, and the reason is because you are playing a game controller similar to Half-Life 2, also because you are not using an N64 game pad that made playing and managing the character a little easier. The online multiplayer is fun, and the levels are a small more even. Some of the glitches from the earlier N64 game have been eliminated so that the multiplayer games are not dominated by the people that play the game one of the most. The graphics resemble that of Half-Life 2 and are a dramatic improvement for the N64 graphics. There are 25 maps that you can play, and all of them are recreations from the places you saw on authentic N64 game. The sound of the guns is very familiar, as is the way they shoot. If you enjoyed the N64 edition, you will probably get a giddy thrill through playing this game with its overhauled graphics and refined game play. There are ten game modes to choose from, most of which are based on online play. If you were looking to play the campaign quests again, then you may be a little let down.

Play it if you’re feeling nostalgic

There are far worse multi-player first-person shooters on the internet, especially when you look at free multiplayer first-person shooters. If you are just looking for an online player with the dice with multiplayer capabilities, then you should try this free game. If you used to play the old N64 game, then you definitely should definitely play this particular game for the sake of nostalgia . It is not exactly like the old game, but it is extremely close, and worth a try at no cost.

Download GoldenEye: Source (Half-Life 2 Mod) 5. 0 in Softonic

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