Angles Wars 3: Dimensions 1 . 0-Another dimension of shooter

The Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved was a phenomenon that will reinvigorated the twin-stick shooter genre . This was partially due to its launch alongside the Xbox 360 console (actually giving people something play), and because it was the perfect competitive leaderboard game, with its tight controls, obvious rules, and explosive action.

Now Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is trying to recapture that same appeal nine years on.

Am not going insane

Before I start, let me be obvious; I know that there are multiple points in this review once i sound schizophrenic , where my own opinion conflicts with itself. Moments that I say that the visual encounter is a “sea of off-white phosphorus that sears your eyeballs, making it impossible to keep track of enemies showing up within the explosions”, which sits in stark contrast to “the vector-esq electronic lines look incredible, getting every part of the game to life”.

However , I have not gone crazy… though at factors the game did have me muttering to myself in the office. The thing is, whilst Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions is definitely an exciting shooter, it does not feel like previous games in the franchise . So check your requirements at the door as I try to understand this game in isolation and let the concussive force of its neon explosions wash over me.

Clean and frenetic

There’s a good range of game modes in Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions, many of which have been lifted from the previous titles. My personal favorite is Pacifism. This mode removes the ability to shoot, completely focusing you on slaloming your way through waves of enemies and check-gates. As the screen slowly fills this particular causes my tension to rise significantly, until the controller is slick in my sweaty, nervous paws.

Other modes include (but aren’t limited to) King, in which you are able to only shoot from designated locations, and the more traditional Evolved, where the goal is to rack up as much points as possible within three lives .

In the Traditional setting you can flip between any of these modes at will to chase high-scores however you like. Adventure, on the other hand, forces you through all of the game sorts. This keeps the particular action fresh plus interesting as it tests your abilities with its three-star ratings which constantly entice you towards danger to collect Geoms and more rapidly rack up your multiplier.

Classic twitch controls

In terms of base gameplay, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions really does little new . The same responsive twin-stick action is still in place, combined with the enemy-vaporizing smart bomb. One conjunction with the combat is an upgradeable jingle. This tiny craft buzzes who are around you, fulfilling a number of different support roles depending on its designation (such as attack or Geom collection).

Outside of your ship abilities another notable change is the third aspect. Levels now take the form of 3D shapes dangling in space , allowing you to spin crazily around them and creating a nice visual shift from the previously stationary arenas.

For all from the excitement this adds, it does detract from the purity of the game with the element of luck added to the high-score chasing mix. This is because previously you only had to worry about new enemies getting you off guard as they came into existence – other than that they were always in clearly in view. Now, foes can be hidden past the horizon of a shape, ready to collide with your fragile art. It’s a change that alters the game, making feel unfair as death springs, unpredictably through nowhere regularly leading to untold frustration.

Searching past the horizon

Geometry War 3: Sizes retains the series’ vivid style, having you fly around the levels taking out brightly colored, geometric enemies in showers of neon sparks plus explosions. The vector-esq electronic lines look incredible , bringing every part of the game to life gloriously on high res monitors – especially running at 60fps.

But , while it is usually beautiful, the screen can become a sea of off-white phosphorus that sears your eyeballs , making it impossible to keep track of enemies appearing within the explosions, again resulting in unfair deaths. This proves yet one more annoyance when aiming to beat a level’s star rating to unlock a new stage, with victory being constantly ripped from your grasp.

To accompany the particular blisteringly fast-paced action comes a wonderful trance-techno soundtrack by Chris Mann (which you can hear here). This is actually the perfect accompaniment, often proving everything could calm me down and stop me actually yelling at my keep track of in the middle of the office after another unsuccessful attempt to unlock a boss.

The same but different

Geometry War 3: Dimensions is a great twin-stick present shooter but , while it may play quite similarly to the previous titles, the modifications made make it distinctly different. Because of this , for my mixed feelings plus contrary attitude towards the game; the particular Zen “look-beyond-the-screen” reaction-based gameplay which i loved is gone, replaced instead by a more planned encounter , where memorizing wave styles and predicting where they will next appear on the horizon is the best way to victory.

It isn’t exactly what fans may expect, but which is not a completely bad thing, as Angles Wars 3: Dimensions proves a wonderfully enticing plus varied shooter .

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