GarageBand 10. 1 . 1-Turning your garage into a recording studio

GarageBand is a comprehensive sequencer that is user friendly and beautiful to behold . It allows you to mix and record instantly, without any special knowledge of songs or audio recording.

Play and play, GarageBand will the rest

Originally, GarageBand was little more compared to an extra Apple threw into its operating system as a stepping stone to more “serious” sequencers. Today, however , things are significantly different with all the app’s quality and functionality enhanced to the point that it is near essential to musicians and podcasters alike.

GarageBand is the easiest sequencer on the market . It has a well-stocked (and expandable) sample library with Apple loops, emulators for acoustic guitar amplifiers, and virtual synthesizers : making it a comprehensive tool for all musicians.

The editing functions in GarageBand have also greatly enhanced in quality. Two important tools now included in the sequencer are Flex Time and Groove Coordinating .

The first of such allows you to manually correct the time of an audio file and note length. Groove Matching lets you to select between all the tracks that make up your own GarageBand project, pick the one most abundant in accurate groove/tempo and match all the others to it. Practically, this means that in a single click you can have all of your instruments playing in time , even if the original recordings were less an ideal.

To top it all off, GarageBand now includes tutorials from famous musicians like Sting. These can be obtained from the GarageBand interface and provide an electronic digital aid that tells you how you played in terms of harmony, melody, and rhythm.

The latest version from the program is compatible with OS X Yosemite, and includes new Voice Templates and the ability to share projects through Mail Drop .

Easy to use

With GarageBand, Apple is making home-recording a possibility for everyone , simplifying the process down while offering a host of combining functions, virtual instruments, amplifiers, emulators, and a multitude of filter effects.

Presets to create podcasts enable users to create a “virtual” professional stereo broadcast, with many fade effects and filters. No prior experience necessary.

All operations are instinctive , both as regards the MIDI tracks plus audio. So this is a unique of its kind sequencer, whose balance between functionality and power is a credit to its developers.

Make sure you don’t stop the music

GarageBand is the ideal software program for those who love making music. It adapts to the needs of all, expert delete word, and it offers a range of features that are difficult to match: the sequencer of the highest order .

Down load GarageBand 10. 1 . 1 in Softonic

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