Structure Factory 3. 9. 5. 0-The ultimate conversion software for PERSONAL COMPUTER

Format Factory is definitely a  multifunctional converter software that' s able to convert all types of  video, audio and image files. Complete, powerful and free, it' s a must-have conversion device.

Conversion rate galore

Before transferring data files onto a mobile device (such iPhone , iPad , or  Android ), console  ( PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP ) or burning them on to a disc for playback on a TV or  sound system, it might be  necessary to convert them into formats that are compatible with the device in question.

Format Factory is a comprehensive   piece of software that lets you  convert almost any  file format. For files featuring  multiple media formats, Format Stock can  handle  it all, including  audio, video and images, as well as offering  a multitude of options for the output format . It  furthermore lets you adjust the  encoding  quality of your files between low, medium and high.

Along with Format Factory, you also get some bonus features, including  extracting the items of a CD or DVD onto your PC, as well as an option  to merge video and audio files.

How does it work?

To convert files with Format Factory, everything happens in a column on the left hand side  of the interface. This allows you to select the destination type (audio, video, image) and which codec you' d like to use. For video clip conversions, we' d recommend utilizing the " Mobile Device" option, which guides you in choosing the format according to the device you own.

Format Factory lets  you add files to batch convert for comfort. Few advanced options are available, and as a result, only minimal  adjustments can be produced, although this means that  it' s  easy to use. Complete assist for beginners is also accessible, which explains  the features of the software program.

Format Factory is also available in 62 dialects, and   you can customize its interface with 4 different skins. For individuals who don' t want to install it on their PC, you can download the  cellular version, to use with a USB important, for example.


If you want to convert documents for playback on your mobile phone, pill, console, a  CD, a DVD MOVIE or an E-reader,   or if you' re simply looking for a comprehensive software that converts virtually any type of file, Format Factory is the ideal solution.

Download Format Factory 3. 9. 5. 0 in Softonic

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