Folx 4. 2 . 13332-Comprehensive download manager for Mac

We do a lot of downloading with Softonic, so obviously a decent down load manager is essential. Folx for Mac is really a free download manager and download gas that’s suitable for all download requirements from simple files to torrents.

Folx download supervisor for Mac can handle any quality and will download via HTTP, HTTPS and FTP. It supports auto-resuming and most importantly, offers high-speed downloads thanks to ‘multi-threading’, which seeks several source for a file. Perhaps exactly what marks Folx out from the crowd is it allows you to manage torrents, making it more your average downloader.

In this basic version, you can send torrents to Folx although in case you upgrade to Pro, you can even look for torrents within Folx itself. Also in the Pro version, to prevent downloads slowing-down your connection, thereĀ“s the handy ‘Auto Speed’ feature which allocates internet traffic more evenly. This really is something sorely lacking from the majority of downloaders and would have been interesting to try but unfortunately it’s only available if you upgrade.

There are enough features in the basic edition to keep you more than satisfied, nevertheless. You can schedule downloads for a specific time, resume them at any time plus it even allows you to add tags in order to downloads for better organization. Nevertheless , for all the claims about speed improvements, I didn’t notice Folx being significantly faster than my regular download manager. Also, without the bandwidth control feature in the Pro version either, it can tend to hog your own bandwidth too. Overall, Folx really does feel a bit bloated and overpowering for a download manager and is probably aimed at ‘power’ downloaders who need optimum control and visibility over that they are downloading.

However , if you’ve found that your download manager is lacking in features or terribly organized, Folx for Mac may impress you.

Download Folx 4. 2 . 13332 in Softonic

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