Flip4Mac 3. 3. 5-Microsoft endorsed WMV FILES player for Mac

If you need to play WMV or even WMA files on your Mac, after that Flip4Mac is a simple and effective solution. Softonic was given exclusive access to the examine of the 3. 0 private beta version of Flip4Mac and now the ultimate version of 3. 0 is here.

Flip4Mac has been totally rewritten to meet the new requirements within OS X 10. 7 plus 10. 8. Flip4Mac 3. 0 includes an option to install Microsoft Silverlight which is Microsoft’s answer to Adobe Flash although you don’t have to install it. However , it’s useful to have it as some video streaming occasions on the net use Silverlight to deliver articles.

First some history to Flip4Mac. WMV is Microsoft’s own video format which automatically, won’t play on Macs given that Apple’s own video format is certainly QuickTime. The most common solution for users has been to install a multimedia player such as VLC mass media player or a plugin such as Perian or Flip4Mac which both allow QuickTime to play WMV files. However , with Perian only assisting older versions of WMA and now no longer being developed, Flip4Mac is set to become the most logical choice designed for users, especially because it is officially recommended by Microsoft and effectively, the official Windows Media Player for Mac.

Flip4Mac 3. 0 is not just a plugin for QuickTime however. For the first time, it introduces its own player – Turn Player – however it will still allow you to view WMV FILES videos in QuickTime . The difference from the previous version of Flip4Mac however is that it at this point leaves a watermark in the best right-hand corner of QuickTime although Telestream say they hope this will be gone when the public beta is certainly released. Flip Player doesn’t function this watermark with the additional bonus that it has some powerful added bonuses although many of them are only available in the particular Pro version.

The free version of Flip Player in Flip4Mac 3. 0 is very clean in appearance and does a good job of not obscuring video articles during playback as there are no overlay controls. Instead, the player controls only appear when you move the particular mouse cursor over it. Flip Player also includes a new “Dim Lights” function which neatly darkens everything about it so that you focus on just the video clip. Playback controls are enhanced with slow motion options and most functions can be carried out using keyboard shortcuts.

Among the more powerful features of the basic version of Flip Player are the ability to Crop, Rotate, Level and Trim video clip which is not possible in QuickTime By. You can also now convert and foreign trade WMV video for iMovie and Final Cut Pro but without creating quality damaging H. 264 files. Rather, a native AIC (Apple Intermediate Codec) file is created for iMovie to avoid additional transcoding when adding. For Final Cut Pro users, it creates a ProRes file that automatically sets the correct dimensions plus native video codec that match project settings. You can even export sound from your favorite videos to an apple iphone ringtone and use the trimming functions to refine it.

If you want to change the general plugin settings of Flip4Mac 3. 0, they can be accessed at the bottom of your Mac program preferences under “Other”. There are several various configurations options including for the Turn Player media browser, upgrade, revise and plugin settings.

Note that Flip4Mac 3. 0 no longer supports OS By 10. 6 Snow Leopard (although version 2 . 4. 4 still does ) as its been designed for the newest demands of Lion and Mountain Lion such as Gatekeeper aimed at producing Macs more secure. The benefit of this is that Flip4Mac 3. 0 features a lot improved 64-bit support for OPERATING SYSTEM X 10. 7 and 10. 8 although the QuickTime video components have remained 32-bit due to the QuickTime component architecture. However , audio codecs are 64-bit now.

Overall, the introduction of Flip Player is the major innovation in Flip4Mac 3. 0. It offers some powerful functions that aren’t available in the free version of QuickTime, and it’s perfectly designed to suit the look of OPERATING SYSTEM X. However , it lacks a few of the features of QuickTime (such as display recording) and some users may really feel it’s not quite as slick because Apple’s own player.

Flip4Mac 3. 0 remains a powerful solution for anyone that needs to enjoy WMV and Windows Media on the Mac and the introduction of Turn Player is a significant enhancement that makes managing WMV files on Mac easier than ever.

Download Flip4Mac 3. 3. 5 within Softonic

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