FL Studio 11. 0. 2 Mac OS X Beta-Professional music editing suite now ported to Mac

FL Studio (previously Fruity Loops) is a powerful music editing studio which has finally arrived on Mac. Remember that this is not a native version meant for Mac though – FL Studio has been wrapped by the developers along with Windows emulator All terain to port this onto Mac. While this means some of the functionality is limited, it’s still the particular closest thing to having the amazing audio editing power of FL Studio on your Mac. Since this is still a beta, expect a few bugs too.

The closest point to having FL Studio on Mac

FL Studio is squarely aimed at experts although this Beta is firmly in a testing stage to await further feedback from Mac testers as to whether it’s worth releasing a completely functional stable version (you can leave feedback in the FL Studio Forum). Most of the plugins that work within the Windows version work on this wrapped version of FL Studio meant for Mac. This includes connecting MIDI devices, Flowstone and Performance Mode which all work as if it were a native app for Mac. Nevertheless , the developers cannot guarantee 3rd party VST compatibility.

Feels just like making use of FL Studio on Windows

FL Studio functions pretty much the same as the Home windows version but you’ll need an unlock key to enjoy full usage of this. If you’ve already got a license essential for FL Studio on Home windows, you’ll need to download FL Studio meant for Mac plus also the FLregkey. Reg key from the Studio Collection website. If you run the installer without the key, you’ll only be able to run FL Studio for Mac in Demo mode.

There’s also a certain amount of optimization configuration you’ll need to do on Mac before you can get going. Full details of this are usually in this tutorial video:

The developers stress that no ensures can be given for compatibility along with 3rd party VST plugins. Some may work fine, others won’t and if you actually need certain plugins, your best bet remains to use Boot Camp and install the particular Windows version.

A great effort on bringing FL Studio to Mac

If you’ve been stuck with Logic Pro X or Ableton Live because there was no FL Studio for Mac, then this FL Studio crossover version is a very interesting project.

Download FL Studio 11. 0. 2 Mac OS X Beta in Softonic

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