Enslaved: Odyssey to the West-Let’s take a Trip, Monkey

Sometimes love is instantaneous, often it grows over time, and – occasionally – it can spring up through hate-filled co-dependence. I admit that’s an awful Valentine’s card, but it is exactly what happens through Enslaved: Odyssey to the West’s brilliant story – all set to some fast-paced combat and environmental clambering.

Needs must…

When the kidnapped Trip escapes her captors hundreds of miles from her settlement in this post-apocalyptic America, she sees that her only chance of getting home safely is with the help of fellow escapee Monkey.

Having previously seen him in action, she realizes that this feral inhabitant of the wasteland probably won’t help willingly, and so she slaps on one of the slavers headbands – a device that will explode if the two are separated or if her heart stops.

Monkey isn’t too happy, and makes various theoretical threats on her life, but slowly an affection and respect grows.

Love can bloom on a battlefield

There are multiple twists to this unexpectedly romantic tale. Suffice to say that at some point during Monkey’s beat downs of the various mechanical monsters that the slavers send after them, and the wonderful world traversal through stunning environments, the two fall in love.

Indeed, eventually Monkey starts to see the headband as a blessing that allows him to stay close to Trip. Particularly when the roles reverse, and he finds himself needing her more than she need him.

Its also worth mentioning the game looks fantastic. The reclaimed world really draws you into the world, and Andy Serkis and Lindsey Shaw performances as Monkey and Trip really add to the story.

Better together

Enslaved is a great action game, but also an interesting romance. It even manages to pull all this off one without any titillating moments of passion that could so easily have undermined the tenderness of the couples burgeoning co-dependence.

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