eMule 0. 50b Beta 1-The brand new version of eMule finally happens

It’s been almost a year because the guys at the eMule project released a new version of it’s hugely popular file sharing client but lastly it’s here although don’t get too excited.

There are no major changes to the look and feel of eMule in this new version but they have included a a useful “ISP obfuscation” option which seeks to prevent your ISP blocking eMule traffic which is an increasingly common event. When you install for the first time, it takes you through the connection setup wizard since normal with the exception that this time, it requires you if you want to activate the obfuscation option which you might as well – you have got nothing to lose even if it doesn’t work with your ISP. In addition to this, the team have made some other major Kad process improvements such as better NAT dealing with, direct callbacks, flood protections, and so forth

There have also been many changes made to the message program to get rid of spammers and stay in contact with friends with dynamic IPs. As regards the look, there have been some minor modifications such as it now stores lookups between eMule sessions, there’s a searchfilter for shared files and easier access to the comment filter. In addition , there are the usual small bug treatments and changes.

If you’ve noticed your eMule downloads have significantly slowed down over the past yr, then this new beta edition, with ISP obfuscation, may be the answer. It’s still the best P2P file sharing network out there by miles as well.

Download eMule 0. 50b Beta 1 within Softonic

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