Ellp 0. 9. 5 Beta-Manage your PC intelligently with Ellp

Modern computers plus mobile devices perform a vast range of features, from helping you keep track of your diary to storing your photographs, but managing them can be challenging, needing lots of separate interactions with the gadget.

Ellp simplifies this technique, combining many functions into a single app that lets you smartly manage any PC . Using this app, you can customize your device’s behavior so that it runs the way you want it to automatically.

The key is in the cards

The heart of Ellp is the card system. A cards is a simple rule that governs the device’s habits . For instance, one card might say “when it’s time just for bed, mute the sound. ” This enables you to specify a particular time at which your device will turn off the speakers. You could also tell it to spread out a particular website every time you start up or open your music player each time you plug in your headphones.

It may interact with other apps -for instance, you can tell this to automatically download a copy of a Facebook photo that you’re labeled in, and save it in the particular folder. Features range from the general , such as triggering online privacy software, to the very specific , like the card that allows you to automatically delete any file you’ve downloaded two times.

Simplifying your gadget management

The clean, colorful card layouts make it easy to identify each a person’s task at a glance. They’re also helpfully sorted into groups covering general subjects like strength use, storage, performance, security and more. Once you’ve been through the cards in a given category, you’ll have your settings in that area personalized just the way you like them. You don’t need to automate each task ; you can simply leave credit cards switched off if you’d prefer to manage a particular function manually.

You’ll find your own device performance improving as the app identifies settings you didn’t even know you could control that will save on memory plus processing power . A lot of frustrating minor adjustments and repetitive jobs simply disappear when you start using this application; for instance, you’ll never find yourself suddenly realizing you’re out of storage space again. It runs comfortably in the background, from time to time popping up to let you know it’s carrying out something.

An easy way to manage varied device functions

If going through your own startup routine every day is a trouble, or if you find yourself changing your device settings frequently, Ellp can be a great help . When you are a user who doesn’t find handling device settings a pain, it might be much less useful -but you could still find that there are things you don’t know you’d benefit from.

The interface is definitely clean, attractive and easy to use ; with a little assistance, even younger device users could probably make sense of it. Overall, then, this can be a handy tool for taking some of the trouble out of day-to-day device management tasks.

Download Ellp 0. 9. 5 Beta in Softonic

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