EaseUS Todo Backup Free 9. 2-Protect your files for free

Sometimes, whatever you really need to know about a product is in the name. With that, may I present to you EaseUS Todo Backup Totally free. It is a simple, contend solution for all of the back-up needs, allowing you to clone or even backup your hard drive, and set an automatized schedule that will ensure that you always have a fallback incase the most severe happens.

Ease of use

The free version of EaseUS Todo Back-up Free provides access to all of the program’s basic functions, most importantly the ability to replicated your hard disk and create back-ups associated with any important files. You can choose what you want to protect and save , and where you want to save it. This makes certain that, whatever happens, your precious pictures and foremost files are always secure.

If you want to make twice as certain that your data is protected then you can purchase one of the premium upgrades with regard to EaseUS Todo Backup. The “Home” package is the first upgrade while offering, among other features, an offsite copy and tech support. If you want even more protection, then the Workstation bundle allows you to use the system for business , recover in order to dissimilar hardware (very useful if you are changing to a new platform), and the ability to migrate to a virtual device. Though these additional features are all compensated, the prices are reasonable for what is on available… and you can’t really put a price on peace of mind.

An interface that will not slow you down

While the base program does require a little computer knowledge (such as the use of an additional drive or partition creation), the rest of the process should be easily accessible to everyone. A simple scheduler enables you to set up the process to run whenever you wish, so you can perform single, daily, every week, and monthly backups with a few clicks of the mouse.

The streamlined interface can be navigated easily by novice users, with a clear, graphic toolbar on hand to display the options on offer. Selecting any of these goes straight to a menu, with a workable number of tick boxes and fall menus to click through to finish the set up.

Really the only issue is having a basic knowledge of hard disk drive partitioning. After all, just like real life, there is absolutely no point creating a copy of your essential documents and then storing them next to the papers you were hoping to safeguard. Once you have a location created, however , EaseUS Todo Backup Free guides you through the process in moments.

All for free

It may be one of those things that you don’t realize you need until there is a problem, but backing up your data is essential and EaseUS Todo Backup Free of charge is an easy , convenient , and (as the name implies) free way to make sure you have everything safely stored without having to micromanage it. It is certainly easy to recommend giving it a try and, if you like the particular warm glow of security it provides, there are always the premium versions to consider.

Download EaseUS Todo Backup Totally free 9. 2 in Softonic

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