DS4Windows 1 . 4. 222-Want to play PC games with your Dual Shock 4? You’ll need this…

For a long time Microsoft’s 360 Control has been the de facto business standard. Even the most vehement Sony supporters had to admit that its asymmetrical sticks and ergonomic form set a high water mark with regard to controllers. Now, however , Sony has made huge inroads using the Dual Shock 4 , producing (arguably) the best game-pad of the generation.

And now, if you happen to have one main, DS4Windows is here to let you use it with your PC online games .


DS4Windows is actually a translator for the Dual Shock 4, automatically mapping its various buttons to their equivalents within the Microsoft device .

The program is simplicity itself , and it works perfectly. All you have to do is download DS4Windows, install, and run it. Supposing you already have the 360 Control drivers installed you are pretty much established, but if not then the installation procedure will guide you to the necessary spot to grab them.

Following that, all that is left is to evaluate if you want to play through a wired micro-USB connection or through Bluetooth – both of which are incredibly simple due to clear user interface (UI) and guidelines.


DS4Windows instantly makes the Dual Shock 4 perform work just like a 360 Controller. If you prefer a little more from it, however , then you can find plenty of binding options to tweak .

These additional functions allow you to make use of the controller’s tilt inputs , touch-pad , and even its light (though actually this last one is kind of superfluous). Like all of the inputs on the mat, touch and tilt can be mapped to almost anything on the keyboard or even mouse. This includes – quite beautifully – the ability to map the touchpad to mouse movement. While this is fiddly at first, a little patience and practice will soon find a person able to navigate Steam away from your keyboard and mouse.

Also, for those of you with specific control requirements in particular games, creating several profiles to switch between is simple due to visually focused UI.

User friendly

If you already have a 360 controller, and don’t yet have a Double Shock 4, then it is hard in order to recommend investing in the controller by itself. On the other hand, if you already have one and (like me) it has become your controller of choice, then DS4Windows offers a simple, versatile, and user friendly tool to get it up and running on your PC.

It may not be perfect upon every system set up yet (currently the preview of Windows ten is not supported) but , with updates appearing regularly, this is the Dual Surprise 4 tool of choice.

Download DS4Windows 1 . 4. 222 in Softonic

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