Drive Genius 4. 0. 2-Maintain, manage, and optimize your hard drive

Macs have a reputation for needing little maintenance compared to PCs but after a while, it’s inevitable that any Mac owner will begin to run into problems.

Drive Genius is designed to repair damaged hard disk drives that may be causing problems or frequent crashes on your machine. However , it is also suitable for those that just want to keep their Mac hard drive in tip best condition catering for those that want to partition, defrag, and even copy the contents of their drive. If you need to test or benchmark your Mac, Drive Professional has a bench test and surface check feature that allows you to scan for bad sectors that are causing problems. Finally, there’s also a handy shredding tool regarding destroying files and documents that contain sensitive data.

Exactly what attracts most users to Drive Professional is the fact that it’s one of the few Mac resources that will physically scan for bad sectors. That’s also accompanied by one of the best interfaces I’ve seen on a maintenance system for the Mac since the arrival of MacKeeper. Drive Genius has an cartoon user interface that’s a little like cycling through albums in iTunes. Each one of the functions such as Defrag , Benchtest and Scan animate when you select all of them. There’s nothing complicated about executing each task either – just select the drive you want to scan along the left hand side and click Start .

There is little to fault along with Drive Genius. Those using slower machines may have problems with the cartoon menu but you can deactivate it through preferences. Other than to check for normal updates, there are virtually no other choices though.

Drive Genius is an elegant and comprehensive maintenance tool that should be able to eliminate those bad sectors that have been causing your Mac grief.

Download Drive Genius four. 0. 2 in Softonic

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