Monster NaturallySpeaking Home 12-The latest version of the voice control software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is amazing voice recognition software that lets you control the computer together with your voice.

It nearly sounds like science fiction, but Monster NaturallySpeaking totally exceeded our anticipations. It seems that voice recognition technology has improved a lot over the last few years, and Monster NaturallySpeaking has clearly taken advantage of it.

The main drawback to Monster NaturallySpeaking, like with any other voice recognition program, is that it requires some long, boring training – based mainly on reading texts to the computer. Also, the program isn’t 100% accurate – something we expected anyway – but its percentage of right words and phrases in dictation still remains impressive.

After training Monster NaturallySpeaking, the program is intuitive and straightforward to use. The interface is decreased to a small bar from which you can access all the main tools and functions: dictation, reading text aloud, improving accuracy, managing commands and vocabulary . A good thing about Dragon NaturallySpeaking is that you don’t need to speak to the computer as if you had been a robot. Just talk normally, and it’ll pick it up.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is seamlessly embedded in Windows, which means that as long as you get it running, you can start dictating in any application , from Notepad to Firefox. And of course, functionality within Dragon NaturallySpeaking is not limited to dictation: you can also control the computer with your voice — open and close apps, browse the web, look at files, and more.

Monster NaturallySpeaking is, in other words, like among those amazing voice-controlled computers you see within movies, only that this time it’s on your own PC!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is an amazing voice recognition tool that lets you manage the computer with your voice and determine texts in any application.

Download Dragon NaturallySpeaking House 12 in Softonic

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