doPDF 8. 7. 943-Create PDF paperwork from any Windows application

doPDF is a simple, efficient tool to create PDF FILE documents in virtually any Windows application – as long as it offers printing capabilities.

Using doPDF is piece of cake. All you need to perform is open a document within Microsoft Word, WordPad, Notepad or any type of other text editing software, select the Print command and set doPDF otherwise you default printer.

doPDF will ask you where to conserve the PDF file and when completed, the PDF file will be instantly opened in your default PDF audience. The whole process takes less than a moment and you’ll be amazed at how precise the PDF version of your record is.

Another way to use doPDF is from the program’s own interface. Select the file you want to convert to PDF and hit the Generate button to make it happen. On the downside, this option doesn’t let you configure transformation options such as page size, orientation and resolution.

doPDF is one of the easiest and quickest ways to convert your documents to PDF for free.

Download doPDF 8. 7. 943 in Softonic

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