Digimon Masters Online-Enter the Digimon world!

Digimon Masters Online is a game set in the Digiworld, a world populated by the Digimon, creatures that live inside electronic devices plus mature (digievolve) into much more effective beings.

In Digimon Masters Online you can choose between 4 characters: Marcus, Yoshino, Thomas and Keenan, each of which can count on a Digimon companion and other Digimon mercenaries. Their look could be completely customized .

After each battle, your character and his Digimon will evolve (go up a level), extending their own powers and shapes. With the freshly learned abilities you will be able to progress towards the new and exciting duels planned simply by Digimon Masters Online presents, with or without your friends’ help.

Download Digimon Masters Online within Softonic

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