Deponia Doomsday-It’s the end of Deponia as we know it

With a great art style that will perfectly encapsulates and updates the bygone era of gaming, Deponia has always attracted a particular audience . But the end of the third game, Goodbye Deponia, put a rather definite stop to the story of hero Rufus.

So , how do we now have Deponia Doomsday? Well fans find aside, and not only is Rufus to life and kicking, he also has access to a time machine. Get ready for another point-and-click adventure with strange logic , humorous voice acting, and lots of backtracking .

Do, do, doomsday

Starting off with a dramatic retelling from the original trilogy, Deponia Doomsday rapidly shows the after effects of the options made by Rufus at the end of Goodbye Deponia. It seems all did not go according to plan, and down on Deponia the planet has frozen more than .

This is where the tutorial begins – and yes, that gruff voice IS David Hayter of Metal Gear Solid fame. After being taken through the fundamentals, everything suddenly stops and period rewinds to the beginning of the very first Deponia where fans can once again re-experience the opening of the series. Just all is not since it should be , and as you tussle with the time traveling McChronicle, you and Rufus relive the tale with a new twist .

Deponia Doomsday is a sport that is economic using its assets . Many of the areas a person visit are familiar to collection fans, while the time traveling nature of the game means that even these situations repeat within the course of the overall game. That said, revisiting all three previous Deponias does result in a good environment variety.

Groundhog day

Thanks to some pretty sharp creating, good voice acting, and overall strong cartoon presentation, this is never punishingly repetitive . But on your third rerun from the first area you can start to feel as if things are stagnating, at which point your patience may wear slim.

This can prove especially trying if you are unfamiliar with the Deponia series’ convoluted logic . Yup, it’s an traditional adventure, so you need a tap to obtain the honey in order to stick a beard to a child so you can capture bees. But in Deponia Doomsday that is just a single logic-chain among multiple repetitions, so you don’t always know what you require when.

Like a lot of point-and-click games, this can result in random confused-clicking. Here, however , this mechanic is usually exacerbated by the fact you can’t be sure if something that isn’t working at this point will be right in a future timeline.

It’s all enjoyable though and, providing you can keep the action moving past possible frustrations, every run through an area does add new layers. It even manages to add extra mechanics to the adventure format , like searching for a pink elephant’s footprints using a shard of tachyon-infused glass.

Let’s go around again

Depoina Doomsday certainly knows its audience and is not trying to capture anyone outdoors that group. Nope, this does not really throw open the doors of the adventure genre like The Walking Dead did, but for collection fans it is a must . Journey fans who haven’t played Depoina yet: go back to the start and enjoy the trilogy for the beginning before trying this alternate timeline.

Download Deponia Doomsday in Softonic

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