DarkWave Studio 5. 5. 0-Virtual sound studio to create your own music

DarkWave Studio is a real-time sound editor with a tabbed interface that lets you compose your own music with the assistance of your computer.

The main tab contains a virtual sound studio to which you can add different modules (machines) with just a right click. The Pattern editor tab lets you create patterns to control the instruments in the studio. The Sequencer tab stores all the patterns you’ve created and adds them to a queue for the machine to play it. And finally, the HD Recorder tab is a multi-track app, capable of recording streaming audio in DarkWave Studio.

Besides working with VST and ASIO plug-ins, DarkWave Studio also supports other modules such as MIDI input and a mixer. These modules can all be connected by dragging a virtual wire with your mouse from their bottom connections.

DarkWave Studio features a neatly organized interface, but it’s quite confusing for newcomers – and the scarce documentation doesn’t help either.

DarkWave Studio is a great assistant to create your own music in your computer.

Download DarkWave Studio 5. 5. 0 in Softonic

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