DAEMON Tools for Mac 4. second . 235-Excellent virtual CD/DVD drive emulator

DAEMON Tools for Mac is the OSX version from the popular Windows CD/DVD emulators, DAEMON Tools.

Mount it

Emulating a CD drive might not seem that useful at first but in fact it has several benefits. For instance, you can load any picture file directly onto your Mac immediately, you save the time and work of CD burning and, virtual drives are much faster than CD drives. If you’re stuck with a file on the Mac in ISO, BIN, MDF or NRG format, DAEMON Equipment also can help as it supports. internationale organisation für standardisierung,. isz,. b5t,. b6t,. bwt,. ccd,. cdi,. cue,. mds,. mdx,. nrg,. ape formats.

Right after installation all you have to do is browse to where your own image file is saved on your Mac and ‘mount’ it as a virtual drive using DAEMON Tools. You can do this using Locater under the Devices category or can get on from your Menu Toolbar.

Up to four drives

The En aning version of DAEMON Tools only lets you emulate up to four virtual drives but doesn’t have the extra features of the Pro and Advanced editions, such as support for DVD HD plus Blu-Ray drivers, or the ability to make image files.

This free version of DAEMON Tools is perfect for the average home user , who will barely need to emulate more than a couple hard disks simultaneously. DAEMON Tools supports a multitude of formats and is a really useful application for accessing your CD selection without having to carry them around, protecting them from scratches in the process.

Perfect for home use

With DAEMON Tools for Mac you can easily emulate up to four virtual drives on your Mac and mount a wide range of image data files on them.

Download DAEMON Tools for Mac 4. 2 . 235 in Softonic

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