Crazy Talk Animator 2 . 14-Complete SECOND animation tool

Crazy Talk Animator Pro is a 2D animation tool that adds a brand new dimension to any image by adding movement and a multitude of effects.

Crazy Talk Animator allows you to mix images, videos and flash animations into impressive 2D creations. This includes the ability to add actors, create moments or landscapes and add special effects. Like most 2D OR 3D modelling packages, Crazy Talk Animator is not really easy to use but it does have several easy to follow tutorials and web resources to help you create your animations step-by-step.

The first step is to have a photo of your face. Crazy Speak Animator then teaches you how to rouse,stimulate it by giving you a few easy phrases to animate. This involves marking points of facial expression which usually Crazy Talk Animator uses in order to morph and animate it.

The possibilities are endless along with Crazy Talk Animator and with a few patience and dedication, you can create some really impressive animations. Note that to get more from Crazy Talk Animator, you need to download a resource group which is available from the author’s web site.

Crazy Speak Animator Pro is a powerful SECOND animating package although does need some time to learn.

Download Crazy Talk Animator 2 . 14 in Softonic

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