Counter-Strike: Condition Zero-Classic tactical shooter

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero may be eight years old now but it is a worthy update to the traditional multiplayer team shooter, Counter-Strike.

The game that launched a thousand trolls

Everything that gamers loved about Counter-Strike returns within Counter-Strike: Condition Zero but with more. Valve updated the game to include the single player marketing campaign . While there is no story to speak of in the single player campaign, it was a good way for players to practice offline.

Multiplayer mode is still at the heart of Counter-Strike: Problem Zero. You can play with strangers or your friends on servers. The game rewards strategy , team communication , and accuracy . Among the best things about the Counter-Strike franchise is simply how well-balanced gameplay is. Newbies will be intimidated and punished for their errors, but weaker weapons and strategy can often overcome more powerful weapons plus a lack of strategy.

Newbie get your gun

In its day, Counter-Strike was cutting edge in its intense, twitch-based gameplay. Nowadays, it feels dated and simplified, but it’s still enormously enjoyable and easy to pick up. Your mouse is used for aiming/looking around and also you move via buttons on the keyboard. Different actions can be mapped for your keyboard.

Essentially, if you’ve played any FPS in the past ten years, Counter Strike: Condition Zero is going to be familiar territory.

Looks are not important

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero’s graphics may be dated but it doesn’t really matter as gameplay holds its own, even today . Valve is a master at rewarding gamers for playing the same game over and over again. Each level and each time you play Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is going to be completely different, keeping gameplay fresh.

Standing the test of time

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero now joins the rates of its predecessor, Counter-Strike, as a seminal multiplayer shooter from Valve.

Down load Counter-Strike: Condition Zero in Softonic

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