Corel AfterShot Pro (32-Bit) 2 (32-Bit)-Fluid photo management from Corel

Corel AfterShot Pro could be the perfect path to quick, professional photo editing .

Speed your own workflow

This app bases its technique in smoothing and slim-lining your digital photography workflow . Weren’t aware you had a workflow? Well then Corel AfterShot Pro possibly isn’t the app for you. Consider taking a look at Picasa or Photoscape instead. But if improved photos workflow sounds like what you need, then read on. Corel AfterShot Pro is a great app.

If you work with large numbers of photos that you need to process quickly and smoothly, Corel AfterShot Pro has been designed with a person in mind. It’s got excellent photo management and organization features, meaning that you will discover the photos you want easily plus quickly. The Corel AfterShot Pro interface is attractive and user-friendly, which adds to the speed with which you can procedure your photos.

RAW photo editing

Corel AfterShot Pro supports a lot of photo platforms, including RAW, and offers complete NATURAL processing. Obviously, it also offers all of the usual tweaks and modifications, and all sorts of your options are handily available through the tabbed bar that runs vertically to the right. Change the view using the buttons to the top right, and navigate through your stored photos over the left.

Impressive speed

Obviously, with all the emphasis on simplicity of use and speed, Corel AfterShot Professional offers extremely speedy batch digesting, meaning all your photos can be public-ready in a matter of seconds. It also offers a choice of output options and templates, which makes it even easier to share the final product with clients or third celebrations.

Corel AfterShot Professional is a great program that’s definitely aimed at professional-level photographers or at least experienced individuals with a high volume of images. It doesn’t provide any fancy extras, and in specific areas, such as drawing tools, which is actually a pity. What Corel AfterShot Pro lacks in wonderful touches, however , is more than made up for by its sheer rate and ease of batch processing and high-volume editing.

If you’re a professional or semi-professional professional photographer looking to speed up your workflow, Corel AfterShot Pro is the app for you.

Down load Corel AfterShot Pro (32-Bit) 2 (32-Bit) in Softonic

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