CleanMyMac 3. 2 . 2-The best plan to clean and speed up your Mac

CleanMyMac removes unnecessary files from your computer. It’s extremely configurable, has a pleasant interface, and is very useful for recovering space on your harddrive .  

Several features for recovering disk space

CleanMyMac boosts the speed of your Mac and recovers disk space by deleting all of the unnecessary files from OS By. The program will perform a system cleanup to get any unused language files, registry files, cache, temporary files and even more.  

The application is also able to search files plus large folders, delete fragments left behind by uninstalled programs, empty the particular trash, and delete duplicates of pictures created in iPhoto. CleanMyMac also includes a tool to uninstall any unused applications . At a glance, you’ll be able to see which applications haven’t been used for more than a week or a year. You can also sort record of applications by when they were last used. All scans and operations performed by CleanMyMac are usually fairly quick.  

A modern and easy to make use of application

CleanMyMac includes an intuitive interface that lets you choose what you want to incorporate in the analysis. All the features are explained in detail,   so even less skilled users will be able to easily navigate with the program. The app’s design can be both elegant and modern.  

The ultimate cleaner

CleanMyMac is one of the best options for cleaning plus speeding up your Mac . Functions well, allows complete control over that which you can remove, and is easy to use for everyone.

Download CleanMyMac 3. 2 . 2 in Softonic

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