MOVIE THEATER 4D 17. 032-Powerful professional 3D video animator

CINEMA 4D is a complete and complex answer for 3D video animation that gives you total power and control throughout the whole design and creation process..

CINEMA 4D provides all you need to create high end 3D pictures and animations . It consists of different modules according to your design needs . There are 8 different ones in total although each has to be purchased separately in addition to the main package.

It should be noted from the start that MOVIE THEATER 4D is a highly technical plus professional package that isn’t suitable for all those new to 3D animation or modeling. It’s designed for experts in film making, TV, marketing, science, architecture and other fields that require professional results.

The acceleration that CINEMA 4D can manipulate and render animations is one of its strongest points. Definitely those used to working with Maya may notice significant speed improvements even though this is obviously also dependent on your own working on a 64-bit Mac. The customization modules are also one of the strongest aspects of CINEMA 4D allowing you to customize the package according to whether you are animating for film, architecture, 3D modeling etc .

For anyone that aren’t impressed with Maya and need a professional 3D computer animation suite, CINEMA 4D is the complete package. .

Down load CINEMA 4D 17. 032 in Softonic

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