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The way to Download Application (Securely)

There’s two sorts of people that download software — all those who have picked up a virus or other laptop or computer infection, and people who will. You should be very thorough to put it off providing doable. I’ve downloaded and mounted scores of packages but up to now none have little bit me. [a number of of them]

Excellent on-line scanning solutions and also a minimal tips should help retain you safe with your obtain adventures.    Very first elements initially: computer software groups

Commercial: Mainstream software package supplied for down load by huge providers. Some is even cost-free or cost-free for household use. A lot of it is priced while in the “boxed software” array. A similar computer software is frequently out there in shops too as on the web.

Freeware: Some freeware rivals the potential of commercial program, but ordinarily it is smaller packages established by individuals or shareware developers. Warning: freeware may be addictive — it’s totally free — very easy to down load — frequently great — and you will discover hundreds of systems to test. :-)

A lot of freeware courses are exceptional, but a number of are published badly. Freeware may also conceal “spyware”, viruses or Trojans as well as other parasites. Steer clear of challenges by utilizing your typical feeling and by following the rules for safe and sound downloading listed down below.

Shareware: Typically modestly priced, intermediate in size and nearer to industrial software program in functions. Some shareware is the best software composed. The standard price tag array is $10 to $30. Frequently there’s each a freeware and shareware edition with the identical software. The freeware model may well operate advertisements and/or limit capabilities. Shareware can generally be employed for 30 times or so on the totally free trial foundation. After that time it is going to shut down except if you purchase a registration code to help keep it operating.

Updates & Extensions: “Filters”, “codecs”, “modules”, updates, etc., that augment or revise the capabilities of Windows and various plans, mostly browsers. They’re ordinarily cost-free, and they are usually made available when you click a link that won’t work without the new computer software. They’re typically needed by Multimedia programs like Windows Media Player and RealPlayer. Be very sure the site is trustworthy before you proceed though.
Imperatives for downloading :-)

Use your frequent feeling: Be very, quite suspicious of any unsolicited invitation to down load something wonderful or urgently important. These offers generally appear as a flashy ad or popup window. Some will arrive as spam, some of it incredibly clever, and typically with an attachment.
Never obtain a file — including pictures and music — unless you know the source is trustworthy. Download software package only from well-known organizations (Microsoft, Symantec, Intuit, etc.) or from other trustworthy sources, such as individuals listed during the section below.
Never obtain a file via BitTorrent or other file-sharing networks. Period.
“Google” it: Let’s say the program is called Spyban. Go to Google and enter “Spyban spyware” (without the quotes) and see what you get.
Read the description and recommendations at the down load site, or at the program’s website. You don’t want to install something that won’t be compatible with your needs or your laptop or computer.
Before you install any software package you down load, make sure that you have a current backup of your documents and system.
Take precautions against viruses, Trojans, adware and the like. It truly is no longer a sure thing, but it can be still good practice to scan files for viruses, worms and various malware before you open them — no matter what the source. [see handling files safely]

Risk-free places to obtain software from

SiteAdvisor is a new service that checks websites for suspicious activity. SiteAdvisor helps protect you from all types of Web-based security threats — spyware, adware, spam, viruses, browser-based attacks, phishing, on the net fraud and identity theft. Note: SiteAdvisor does not protect against Phishing, as that is a different kind of attack.

These major obtain sources are trustworthy. They usually have ratings of your programs (generally written by the supplier however). Check a with a couple of them to compare notes.

I created some special search engines that you can use to find plans at trustworthy sources.


You’ll find over 5000 courses at Microsoft’s Absolutely free Downloads Center. Lots of games, but lots of other systems also. The Ultimate List of Windows Software from Microsoft may make it easief to find what you want.
Down load managers

Warning: Download managers, Zip plans, and of all elements, anti-spyware courses are usually utilized as bait for adware and spyware. Don’t forget the “rules to obtain by” when you’re considering one of them.

I no longer use a special down load manager. Firefox has a built-in down load manager. It lets you save the files where you want (set up in options), obtain multiple files at a similar time, and easily pause and resume any obtain. That’s superior enough for me. :-) I also follow a process to help keep my downloads properly organized. 😉

Ed Bott suggests a simple but effective way to keep track of not only downloads, but the essential information that goes with them.

If you do a lot of downloading, especially on dial-up, you might appreciate a download manager. They let you pause downloads, and resume interrupted ones without losing the part you’ve already downloaded. They’ll also aid you keep track of your files you obtain. [free download managers]
Zip/UnZip Applications

Windows XP handles Zip files as “compressed” or “zipped” folders. You can view the contents just like a regular folder. You can make compressed folders work almost too as a Zip program. [Click Start > Support and Support > enter “zip”, “zipped” or “compressed” (without quotes) > click the green arrow.]

If you run Windows 98, or just don’t like the way XP does things, you’ll need a Zip program. I recommend UltimateZip [no longer freeware] or WinZip. Don’t just pick any old unzip program — numerous of them harbor spyware. You will discover some good free ones out there though.